20 Minute Meal Planning {Mini-Course}


  • This course is for you if...

    You want a meal plan you will actually carry out from week to week.

  • You're short on time but have a family who wants to eat. (Don't they all....)

  • You're a realist. Becoming Martha Stewart is not on your bucket list.

 This meal planning course is ALL about keeping it real

At the completion of this course, you'll be able to create a family meal plan in 20 minutes. How awesome is that?

This course is only an hour long so you can get in and get out. Hey, I know your time is precious! In addition to the video lessons you'll also receive:

  • worksheet downloads
  • Q&A opportunities
  • a free sample meal plan plan printable WITH grocery list (fist bump!)
  • access to my exclusive Facebook Group
  • FREE 30 day trial to my favorite meal planning tool

My friends, we are about to change the way you meal plan.

Get ready to save your precious time and money! Oh, and  gain a little sanity along the way!! 

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Intro to 20 Minute Meal Planning

1 Lessons

Short on time? Want to save money? Then you should 100% check this out!

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20 Minute Meal Planning

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